Touchless Vending - Solving Covid19 Concerns
The world has changed. Discover how we've changed vending with it.
We've leveraged our technology to provide a truly innovative solution for automated retail in a world paralysed by COVID19. From an end-to-end touchless vending machine experience, to built-in sterilisation.
Touchless experience, start to finish
Cashless, contactless payments (only)
Anti-microbial touch screens
UV-C Sterilisation of product chute
Automated product retrieval flap
In-built hand sanitiser dispenser
Recent Projects
Automated Retail
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A Global Network of Smart Vending Machines

Our intelligent vending machines operate seamlessly across the globe, interacting with Vendlive, and delivering products to happy customers everywhere

Developing technology for good

Aeguana has partnered with Off The Record and the Youth Access consortium of organisations to provide a leading digital platform for online counselling & workshops

A safe and secure online counselling platform providing the ability to deliver real time counselling sessions and host interactive workshops for groups of clients.

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