About Us

Established in 2010, Aeguana has always believed in the future of ‘physical’ retail. We’re passionate about finding innovative solutions to engage customers and deliver unique, memorable experiences.

Who We Are

We are a diverse team of engineers, designers and consultants that have extensive industry experience within the automated retail and experiential marketing domains, and want to make the world a better (funner, more engaging) place.

We thrive on challenges, and seek to inspire our clients to push the boundaries - be it technologically or commercially - to deliver new products, in new ways, to new markets.

Our founders Jason Vincent and Pambo Palas share a clear vision, and believe that success for our clients begins with understanding the needs of the end customer, throwing out the rule book, and re-thinking the traditional retail model. We engage in numerous initiatives to share experience, learn new skills and always push the boundaries of what we thought was possible yesterday.

Our Values

We’re constantly undertaking research and development to implement new technology and push the boundaries of what’s possible. This is the fuel that motivates the team and drives the countless successful projects and innovations we have delivered over the years. We always deliver, and the quality of both our products and our customer service is paramount.

Over the years our ideas have at times been dismissed as ‘outrageous’ by competitors and market leaders alike. Eliminating cash, for instance, and moving to digital payments in 2016 was a bold forward-thinking move that was criticised at the time but has become the de-facto model for vending machines and automated retail today. It enabled us to increase sales, reliability, minimise call-outs and adapt to a rapidly changing landscape at the click of a button. We’re proud to think differently.

We always aim to deliver true, measurable value to our clients. We're a trusted partner that our clients can lean on to discuss new ideas, receive unbiased advice, or turn to when a particular challenge arises.

Aeguana uniquely positions itself by bringing together mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and pure software to create seamless user experiences, and fundamentally beautiful products.

From specialist in-store solutions to everyday retail technology, we develop and deliver solutions to change the way customers interact with brands and retailers. We work with retailers to collect data on customer preferences in order to improve their user experience (be it in-store or otherwise), and ultimately drive sales.

We believe that whether we’re manufacturing a product or delivering a service, we should strive towards constant improvement. This has fuelled the technological innovation that permeates our products, enabled us and more importantly our clients to win countless awards, and helped establish Aeguana as true pioneers in the automated retail and vending space.

By empowering startups, society has given young entrepreneurs with radical ideas the opportunity to change the world. This movement has transformed the way blue-chip organisations behave. It has reduced the time to market for new ideas, nurtured the concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and driven its adoption within larger organisations, fundamentally transforming the pace at which innovation can, and does, happen in the world today.

Aeguana are the best agency I have ever worked with. What they produce is startlingly good and the service they provide is fantastic.
- Duncan Fisher OBE
Kids In The Middle UK