Grain Guru
Eco Dispense // Plastic Free // Automated Retail


GrainGuru is a startup with a difference - they know where the market is heading, and they're getting ahead of it by creating the world's first RiceBot. A smart, digital rice vending machine, using bulk dispense/refill capabilities to carefully dispense perfectly measured quantities of rice to consumers looking to reduce their plastic consumption.

Aeguana developed the eco-dispense concept fully integrated with VendLive for remote monitoring, stock management and content management. It was designed from the outset to be a modular concept, enabling it to be further extended to other products and categories.

With a launch at PlantPowered Expo in Olympia, it's safe to say everyone was fascinated by the concept, and went home with beautifully packaged rice, dispensed automatically with the environment in mind.

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Our Brief

GrainGuru approached Aeguana with a mission - to eliminate plastic waste in-stores, by dispensing incredible ingredients in a sustainable way.

The system needed to be modular, to accommodate different environments and be scalable to a variety of different product categories over time. It required the flexibility to fit into a small footprint but the ability to be extended to accommodate more capacity and product diversity for environments that could support it.

  • Online connectivity
  • Natural, bespoke design
  • Interactive Experience
  • Plastic free retailing
Bespoke Customer Experience

The customer experience and journey was designed to be entirely bespoke, centered on a fun, light hearted and intuitive design - filled with fun touches.

  • Email data capture
  • Interactive, dynamic experience
  • Bespoke, tailored and intuitive
Best in class Stock Management

VendLive is designed to provide granular stock management of both products and refills. For instance, rice is monitored in grams, and low stock level alerts can be configured to notify operators when it's dropped below a certain level, preventing it from running empty.

  • Real-time stock visibility
  • Content management of product info
  • Prices and Promotions remotely configurable