Thomson Reuters
Web // Responsive Design // Integrated Marketing Analytics // Split Testing


Thomson Reuters needed an integrated presence for their Systems Biology division to market a diverse range of products, whilst offering free access to key genome resources - namely Pathway Maps.

Aeguana worked closely with their technology and marketing divisions to integrate the different platforms, and deliver a seamless experience to the end-user. This involved consolidating internal search engines, lead capture forms and structuring the website for optimum usability.

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The brief was simple - Thomson Reuters needed a new website for their Systems Biology division that enabled their clients to access their different products, in one place, whilst having seamless access to online resources.

The website had to be designed in line with their corporate identity guidelines, whilst at the same time deviating from it enough to provide a unique experience that was applicable specifically to their products and services. It needed to:

  • Provide a seamless search experience
  • Integrate the genome pathway maps for easy access
  • Be fully responsive for different devices
User Experience

The user experience had to reflect the Thomson Reuters corporate brand guidelines, whilst incorporating the unique elements of the Systems Biology products and services. The call to action was either a sales enquiry to one of their global offices, or a free trial registration.

Access to Media & Resources

The Systems Biology website provides access to numerous educational and training resources, directly related to their products. This ranges from case studies, to training videos and webinars, that were fully integrated on the site for easy access.

Mobile Responsive

Working across all devices has become a given - and this engagement was no different. The experience had to be perfect, irrespective of the platform on which the user was accessing the site.

We also took great care to backward optimise the website to earlier versions of most browsers, ensuring even dated corporate environments could access the site, and enjoy the experience.

Fully Content Manageable

To enable the marketing department to make changes on demand, and even run tests on different variants, it was essential to make all content easily manageable.

Aeguana employed a bespoke implementation of the Django content management system that was picked up effortlessly and enabled content to be added, removed and edited as required with no external intervention.

3rd Party Integration

Our client already used numerous proven systems to deliver content to users of their products or services. When it came to serving some of this content, freely, for anyone to use, Aeguana needed to integrate seamlessly with their existing systems, and deliver the results in an intuitive way.

Seamless Search Experience

Our consultants recommended integrating search results, so that rather than having different search sections for 'website content', and the external 'pathway maps', this could all be aggregated in one place.

Care was given to the search criteria and algorithms, to ensure the most relevant results were returned, and the queries were immediately highlighted for the user.

Integrated Marketing Analytics

In addition to Google Analytics, our client already made heavy use of Eloqua - a full inbound marketing management platform. We worked closely with them to integrate lead capture processes, and thereby provide a central point for the sales and marketing team to measure results.

  • Direct integration with Eloqua
  • Integration with Google Analytics, including Experiments
Data Capture & Split Testing

With a website targeted at signing users up for a free trial, it was essential to have the right tools in place to compare the efficiency of different designs, and forms.

Aeguana created both a single and multi-step form design, with differing numbers of fields (in addition to the compulsory ones) in order to test conversion rates.

Minimising Drop-outs

Our user experience designer worked with the client to create visual and informational cues during the registration process, that would minimise drop-outs. These ranged from including short customer testimonials alongside the registration form, to including a snippet of text informing the user how many seconds the registration would take, at each step.