What We Do

Aeguana is a full service Technology Consultancy, and we take immense pride in each and every project we take on. Our team is dedicated to exploring the latest technology and leveraging existing systems to create the ideal solution to your challenge, whatever that might be.

Technology Consulting

Our clients need to use the right tool for the right job, and sometimes it's not worth changing something that works. Our consultants can quickly evaluate your specific requirements and provide valuable feedback on how your organisation can best achieve its short and long term goals.

Technology Consulting

Identifying areas of improvement - be it cost reduction, time saving, or performance enhancements. Aeguana's expertise in technology consulting ensures we can draw on experience across a range of fields to find the right solution to your challenges.

Project Management

Managing a highly technical project can be extremely time consuming and challenging. Our experienced project managers can work with you, as either a secondment or as a remote project manager to ensure your project goes according to plan, every time.

Research & Development

Our team loves undertaking R&D. Few things come close to exploring the boundaries of what is possible (and most things are). If you have an idea to improve an existing product, or to develop something entirely new, get us involved in the creative brainstorming.

Crypto Currencies

Crypto currencies present some significant challenges in the areas of digital (and physical) security, compliance and liability management. Aeguana has hands-on experience working with digital currencies including Bitcoin and alt coins that we can draw on.

Mechanical Engineering

Aeguana can jump in at any stage in the engineering cycle - from concept (industrial design) through to cost-reduction for manufacturing. Our engineers adopt a holistic approach to product development, minimising your production costs, and time to market.

Industrial Design

Today more than ever, consumers are leaning more towards 'form over function' when making their purchasing decisions. It has become 'expected' that a product will perform as it says, and how it looks has become an indicator of quality and perfection. We never compromise on function.

Mechanical Design

From feasibility studies to undertaking mechanical design and development, our engineers will work closely with you to make your vision a reality. We have a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and techniques, ensuring ease of manufacture and minisiming tooling & production costs.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

By leveraging the power of CAD and computerised simulations, we're able to test a wider range of ideas and instantly identify potential complications without our clients having to invest in expensive (and redundant) prototyping processes. Coupled with 3D printing, it's now easy to know if your design works.

Electronic Engineering

Today, electronic design needs to do much more than just satisfy a set of requirements. It needs to future proof your product and technology, ensuring you can evolve your product on the go.

Electronic Design

Even the simplest products in today’s world are likely to include some basic electronics or on board system. With the advent of the Internet-Of-Things, we are beginning to see more and more connected devices, and the importance of a good electronic design is becoming increasingly evident with scale.

PCB Design

Although all disciplines behind a product’s development require their own specialisation, we love the synergy of a seamless product and seeing everything come together. When designing PCBs, we look beyond just achieving a great board layout - whether it’s considering the user interaction or the manufacturing time involved, we will make sure the PCB is an integral part of the overall design.

Embedded Software

Even with the great developments in the capabilities of microprocessors, embedded software still varies considerably to any other form of software development. With very little memory to use and limited resources, it is more important than ever to have optimised code that can take full advantage of the power available and solve the problem effectively and concisely.

Manufacturing & Cost Reduction

Reducing cost in manufacturing can make a larger impact on your bottom line than any other cost reduction activity. If you reduce your manufacturing costs by just 20%, you've just increased your profit margin by the same amount. The opportunity for reducing inefficiency is massive.

Setting up for Volume Production

Working closely with a range of suppliers and partners in the UK, Europe and across the world, we source the right components at the right price, and ensure supply chain continuity. Whether you're looking to source specific parts or outsource your manufacturing entirely, Aeguana can help.

Engineering Cost Reduction

Mechanical design changes, from a plastic part that needs injection moulding to a metal fabricated piece can quickly increase or decrease your manufacturing costs significantly. By aligning your product with the right manufacturing processes and manufacturers, substantial cost savings can be achieved.

Electronics Cost Reduction

By reducing component complexity, connectors, wiring and sometimes even entire PCB's, it is possible to substantially reduce your manufacturing cost without having any impact on the product itself. Similarly, it's often possible to outsource labour intensive processes to bring down the overall PCB cost.

Design & User Experience

Design and UX is everything in life. Every interaction we have with a product or service, and our subsequent opinion of it, is first and foremost driven by the user experience. This is where fulfilling a requirements document and creating a truly great product becomes an ever increasing divide. We are passionate about great products, and will fight for the best possible experience, at all times...


If you're launching a new brand, or starting to feel that your existing brand doesn't quite communicate your core values any longer, it may be time to sit down and brainstorm some branding ideas. We'll work with you, starting with the basics, to define and position your brand.

User Experience (UI/UX)

UX isn't about creating shiny products. It's about creating truly great products that engage consumers, are intuitive and fundamentally feel natural to use. Whether we're looking at a website, application or product, the user experience is paramount and the focus of our work.

Responsive Design

Mobile and Tablets are now ubiquitous, so it's no longer a question of whether or not you need a mobile site. Every piece of work we deliver is now fully mobile responsive by default, ensuring your users get a fantastic and consistent experience whatever device their using at the time.


Great software underpins great companies, pure and simple. Be it from a security, performance or future development perspective, it's absolutely crucial to ensure your companies' systems are as good as they can be. Done correctly, this will minimise duplication of data and fragmented systems, streamlining your business beautifully.

Websites & Applications

Aeguana brings an unparalleled level of attention to detail and perfection to every project, ensuring it represents your vision succinctly, and that it is able to grow with your company. From responsive design, high performance requirements, SEO and Social Media, we have the first-hand experience to deliver.

System Consolidation

Consolidating both internal and external systems delivers operational efficiency, and provides a sustainable foundation for growth. Eliminating data duplication, and streamlining the touch points for your clients can go far beyond a cost-saving excercise, and transform the dynamics of your business.


We've worked closely with some of the largest organisations in the world, creating scalable and powerful solutions that work seamlessly behind the scenes, ensuring your users can enjoy your product every time. Sometimes cloud services aren't the only solution to a problem, and we can advise on the right future-proof approach that meets your constraints.

Products & Specialist Services

In addition to our consulting services, Aeguana has developed an extensive expertise in the specific niches, such as consulting for some of the world's leading vending operators and a wide range of vending manufacturers. Our experience enables us to offer specific products and services, such as bespoke vending machine development to clients around the world.

Vending Machine Development

With in-depth experience and transferable technology, Aeguana can deliver unique vending machine projects, with full telemetry and connectivity, and cashless payments, at a cost that is unbeatable in the industry. Explore some of our customised vending machine projects below.

Twitter (Social) Vending Machines

By creating a Twitter Vending Machine, we have worked with leading brands around the world to create and deploy amazing experiential marketing campaigns, and uniquely engaged thousands of consumers in the process.