Vending Machine Development

Aeguana has worked closely with world-leading vending machine operators and vending machine manufacturers for over 7 years, streamlining processes, and improving products. Our expertise has been highly sought after in an industry struggling with low margins and rapidly increasing costs. It is, however, also an industry that when approached strategically can yield significant profits and opportunities.

Compact Vending Machines

Our award-winning intelligent vending machine range has been adapted by clients to a wide range of applications and products, from the every-day to the highly unconventional. Because the entire technology - from mechanical design, to software and electronics - was undertaken by our in-house team, we hold full control of the technology stack. As a result, it enables us to develop highly bespoke vending machine solutions for clients.

Snack/Drink Style Vending Machines

Whether you're looking at delivering a unique experience through vending machines (read our blog post for inspiration!) such as running social media campaigns where users can tweet vending machines, or you are considering developing an entirely new vending machine, our expertise can minimise your time to market and cost, whilst delivering a unique and amazing product.


What type of display are you looking for? Depending on the environment and type of products you are promoting, the digital display on your vending machine can be a great way to either promote your own products, or introduce a new revenue stream.


Thinking about creating the next viral vending machine? We have delivered some fantastic social media vending machine campaigns, ranging from different Twitter vending machines through to Instragram vending machines - in both cases driving engagement with consumers and brands.

We have experimented and created dozens of different solutions to generate engagement with consumers. Since all our vending machines come with internet connectivity, we can deliver unique experiences, that can be adapted, and can take in to account current events and metrics. Our Twitter activated vending machines are particularly popular for brands looking for unique experiential marketing ideas.f

Product Sizes

Do you have a specific product that you are looking to vend from your vending machines, or do you need flexibility to interchange products at any stage? As standard, the wall-mounted vending machines support a range of sizes, but can be adapted to accomodate different products. When considering a large snack/drinks machine, we can work with you to ensure your product sells correctly, every time.

Wall Mounted Maximum Size:
Drinks/Snack Machine Sizes:

We have established favourable relationships with key 3G/Data suppliers that enable us to provide extremely competitive pricing. We therefore recommend every vending machine is fully connected via 3G. However, for specific applications we also provide the option to connect via Wi-Fi or a standard Ethernet cable - this enables our clients to adapt to the environment in which their machines will operate.

Payment Options

Aeguana can facilitate almost every payment method available - from traditional coins and card (contactless / chip / magstripe) through to digital payments made through mobile apps, bitcoin or even paypal. By creating machines that are always connected, the possibilities are endless, and can be changed at any time.

Reduced Cost

Aeguana's design engineers and consultants can work with you to strategically reduce your manufacturing costs, making your products viable for a larger number of operators and consequently end users. From strategic procurement through to simplifying assembly, we can work closely with you to achieve a more favourable target price.

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