What We Do
Responsive Web Design (RWD)

It's no longer an option not to make a website or web application work seamlessly on different devices. In fact, it's become a significant frustration for users to be unable to carry over their shopping or browsing experience across multiple devices - be it their laptop, tablet or even mobile.

At Aeguana, we believe every project should be responsive by default. Our designers and developers use the latest tools and employ intricate testing procedures to ensure your site or application will deliver the experience your consumers deserve.

The way in which users interact with different devices at different times, and how that experience can become increasingly seamless has been a hot topic in the tech world in recent years, and for a good reason.


Our team has experience tackling responsive web design from two distinct angles, depending on the requirements and the specific purpose of the website or application:

  • Defining a high level experience and adapting for different devices
  • Creating entirely seperate experiences for different devices

Aeguana's approach is to undertake any website or web-based project as responsive by default by defining a high level experience with our client, and then making subtle adaptations for different devices. We consider both the screen size available, but also the user experience that would be expected when a consumer is interacting with your site or web application. The buying experience and pathway on mobile is a very different one than on a desktop or laptop, and this needs to be carefully considered at the outset.