What We Do
Electronic Design

Almost all products being developed today will invariably include some form of electronics. The complexity can vary considerably from simple digital designs to complex, high-frequency, mixed-signal applications. In all cases, however, the difference between a good design and a great design can make all the difference, and the results are always evident. Whether it’s the cost to manufacture, the ease of assembly, the product’s reliability or the longevity of the design, we understand that the design doesn’t have to just “work”.

Development Lifecycle

We always work closely with our clients to establish and develop the specification, looking beyond a simple list of features and thinking more about how users will interact with the device, how we can best leverage new technologies and how the electronics will fit in with the rest of the technology infrastructure.

Once the concept and architecture is finalised, we will cover all stages from schematic development through to costing, prototyping, PCB design, manufacture and design verification. As with most things at Aeguana, no detail is too small – whether its component selection or PCB layout, we will make sure your product is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

Future Proofing

With rapidly changing technologies and circumstances, we always aim to make designs that not only cater to the needs of today but will also meet the needs of tomorrow. This is a core concept which is infused in our development process, as the success of your product may very well depend on it. Whether it’s allowing for remote firmware updates or just ensuring flexibility in the design, we aim to give you the tools you need to stay current and not become superseded by a change of technology.