What We Do
PCB Design

Perhaps the most critical phase of the electronic development cycle is the PCB design and layout stage. Capturing a schematic and transforming it into a printed circuit board is a task that can be done very easily if it were just about joining the dots – the challenge, however, is in achieving a design that will bring together carefully selected components in a layout that will enable them to work together in a long lasting way and with predictable results.

Our engineers are extremely meticulous and take great pride in their designs. It often ends up being a very iterative process before a design is deemed final, with many considerations being taken into account, such as thermal management, ease of use, size reduction, manufacturing processes/costs and many more.


A very wide range of technologies are available for use in PCB design, and we always endeavour to take advantage of the latest developments. Whether you require a single-sided board hosting only a few Through Hole components or you need a multilayer board with Surface Mount parts so that it all fits in a limited space, our engineers will find the solution that is best suited for your application.


Working with our partners in the UK, we always Design for Manufacture and Assembly. All our designs are prototyped and thoroughly tested prior to their release, and we ensure that not only are the boards easy to manufacture, but that it would also be a very small step to move into volume production.