What We Do
Mechanical Engineering - Cost Reduction

Mechanical components and fabrication processes can constitute a substantial amount of the overall manufacturing costs for a given product. Whether this is sheet metal fabrication, injection moulded plastics or a number of more innovative manufacturing processes, there are countless cost savings that can be made, both at the outset (during product development) but also once a product has gone in to volume production.

Strategic Procurement

Aeguana's procurement specialists work closely with our clients to understand their products and carefully analyse their BOM (Bill Of Materials). They can then leverage their existing supplier network to identify cost effective alternatives, negotiating price breaks that can often carry across between customers, reducing the price point for all.

Manufacturing Process Improvement

Significant cost savings can be achieved by analysing two key areas:

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Assembly stages and procedures

Whilst the greatest savings can be achieved by forward-thinking design, it's still possible to make substantial cost reduction after a product has gone in to production.

Our engineers work closely with our manufacturing partners to develop a deep understanding of their core competencies and the latest developments in manufacturing automation. By doing so, they can advise of comparable processes and design changes that deliver significant material and time savings for the manufacturers, which translate to reduced variable costs.