What We Do
Batch & Volume Production

Working with the right manufacturers is core to an organisation's success. It determines quality, consistency and reliability, any of which could change consumer's perception of your product and even your company as a whole. Aeguana works with leading manufacturing partners in the UK, Europe and Asia to procure and manufacture key components, and entire products.


Our procurement specialists work closely with external partners to identify the best suppliers for your parts. By analysing a BOM (Bill Of Materials) we can make recommendations and identify potential cost savings, in addition to identifying supply chain vulnerabilities.

Manufacturing & Assembly

Whether you have a product currently being manufactured, or you're looking to take a new product in to production, our engineering consultants can advise you in selecting the correct partners, ensuring supply chain redundancy and continuuity should any supplier encounter unexpected issues. Aeguana supports UK Manufacturing as much as possible, though we recognise key strengths in foreign markets, and will leverage these to procure the best price and quality for our clients.

Product Testing

As products become increasingly more complex, we seek to find ways to streamline the testing process for manufacturers. In many cases this can involve automating tests, so manufacturers can focus on external quality control and simply rectifying issues from automated test failures.