What We Do
Industrial Design

Creating products that perform exceptionally is no longer enough. Product development and innovation management has to ultimately create products that customers love to use. They need to reflect the values of the brand. They need to resonate with the customer, and they should be works of art in their own right. Pieces that look at home in their intended environment, but push the boundaries.

Beautiful, functional design

Aeguana focuses on creating an identity for every product. It may be that our client is competing in a dated market, and needs a punchy and risque design, that will challenge the status quo. Or perhaps their product is designed to blend with the environment, noticed only by the most astute of customers. Every product has a purpose, and this purpose needs to be clearly differentiated from its functional requirements.


Understanding our client's competitors, their products, their innovation strategy, and their USP's is crucial to developing a successful product. What sets this product apart? And why does it even have a place in the market? We see research as a practical excercise, providing a foundation to build on. Aeguana doesn't believe in producing hundreds of pages of research no one will read - we're all about hands-on pragmatism.