What We Do
Mechanical Engineering & Design

Whether you have a concept or we're working alongside you to identify a solution to a problem, the product development stage is the most important in the development cycle. It's at this stage that our engineers come together to brainstorm innovative solutions and ideas - and jump straight in to putting them to the test.

Minimising time to market

At Aeguana, we believe that it's not always necessary to re-invent the wheel. That's the territory for Research & Development, not necessarily mechanical engineering.

Most problems have already been solved, often in other applications. By sharing expertise across our business, and keeping up to date with developments in different industries, we seek to find practical solutions that have already been proven, thereby minimising time to market, and invariably development expenditure.

Rapid Prototyping

By leveraging the latest developments in rapid prototyping, we can examine your design more effectively, make incremental changes and reduce the time to market. Aeguana works closely with strategic manufacturing partners that share our vision and values, ensuring we can deliver results, quickly.

By working closely with our clients during this stage, we can ensure any manufacturing issues are addressed and therefore guarantee a high quality end product before moving into volume (or batch) production.