What We Do

Growing a business presents significant challenges to the infrastructure behind your systems. For organisation's venturing in to new connected markets, such as the Internet of Things and ever increasing desire for secure, connected devices, this can suddenly result in an unprecedented amount of data that needs to be collected, stored and analysed.

So how can organisations scale, both effortlessly and cost-effectively?

Internet of Things

Venturing in to the Internet Of Things and delivering connected devices to consumers can create significant challenges with seamlessly delivering vast amounts of data to consumers, and deriving the necessary business intelligence from this data. Aeguana works with clients to solve:

  • Reduce data transmission costs
  • Optimise data storage
  • Minimise query times

Cloud Data & Availability

With new tools such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud making cloud services accessible to all, it can be very tempting to jump on board and host large systems with them. Whilst this can bring significant benefits, it often comes with skyrocketing costs. It's important to analyse exactly what these services are delivering - many times there are far more cost-effective options available, that may deliver even greater performance for your specific requirements.

Nurturing Innovation Sustainably

As more companies turn to an in-house technology department, it's becoming increasingly more important to give careful thought to how the software innovation processes are managed. How are systems deployed? What versioning processes do you have in place? How do you release new features and measure the repercussions if it goes wrong? Aeguana has worked with some of the world's leading organisations solving these exact challenges.

Selecting a Technology Stack

Working on the leading-edge of technology doesn't imply using the latest tools and platforms available. The old adage of "if it works, don't fix it" resonates more than ever. Organisations need to align their technology stack with their product development and innovation strategy, but this shouldn't automatically result in constantly adopting the latest trends. Sticking to a sound technology stack that is tried and tested can relieve developers of significant uncertainty, enabling them to focus on the actual innovation at hand.