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System Integration

As a result of operating different business units, strategic acquisitions, internal start-ups and simple changes in management, organisations quickly build up a large number of different systems, that may (or may not) be good at the specific task they perform, whilst introducing vast inefficiencies in the organisation as whole.

Consolidating these systems is far more than a mere cost-saving excercise. It can lead to far greater employee motivation, as they are the victims who suffer the most from data duplication, redundant processes, and bloated systems that no one really understands how to use any more.

System consolidation is becoming an ever-increasing challenge for both startups and multi-national organisations across the globe. As specialist new systems continue to be created and adopted for different applications, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to centralise information. This presents significant operational challenges:

  • How to provide a high level of customer service when data is split across systems
  • How to share data with strategic partners and suppliers
  • Challenges in complying with regulatory requirements
  • How to consistently protect sensitive data
  • What are the implications for disaster recovery processes