What We Do
Websites & Web Applications

Aeguana's software division is renowned for it's work in solving complex problems, with simple solutions. Our developers carefully balance pushing the boundaries of what's possible by using the latest technology, and ensuring stability, reliability and security.

Aeguana's systems lead the way in security, performance and scalability.

Aeguana offers a full quality guarantee. We will manage your project, including any third parties and external stakeholders, and ensure the end result meets your requirements and delivers results.

Delivering Results

We firmly believe that it's important to identify tangible metrics that enable our clients and our team to measure success. Whether we're looking at operational efficiency, reducing variable production costs, or even something as simple as query times on large data sets, we will hold ourselves accountable to achieve the results our clients expect.

High performance applications

Aeguana's software development team has extensive experience building leading software solutions for blue chip clients across the globe. We understand big data, and how to leverage it for business intelligence. We understand the need to iterate, whether working with a start-up or an organisation with a history spanning the last century.

Our solutions are optimised. They're resilient. And they're future proof.

Modular Development

Business needs change every day, and at Aeguana our consultants are trained to find solutions that can adapt. The 'one-time engagement' to fix a problem is now a distant memory. Today's challenges involve creating the foundation that enable an organisation to be nimble, face new challenges, and stave off eager competitors.

Responsive, functional solutions

Creating a solution for one medium is no longer enough. With new mediums emerging every year, it's essential to create responsive websites, that support the channels through which consumers choose to interact. This might be mobile and tablet, or it might be smart TV's or watches. The opportunity for engaging consumers in the right context has never been greater, but the experience has to be seamless.