What We Do
Technology Consulting

Aeguana provides a broad range of technology-oriented services. Through technology consulting, we can work closely with our clients to identify their key challenges - be it a one off requirement for a system to perform a specified task or a complex systems amalgamation and integration excercise, spanning multiple business functions.

Since established in 2010, Aeguana has worked closely with both blue-chip organisations and SME's to solve complex technical challenges and bottlenecks, identify cost-effective solutions and ensure that systems and processes can scale effectively to accommodate the growth of a company and its operations.

Our consultants work closely with senior software developers and engineers to ensure proposed solutions are realistic and will meet our client's requirements and integrate seamlessly with their operations.

It's our belief that in order for changes and systems to provide a strong framework for sustainable growth, they must be fully understood and embraced by the people who make up the core of the company.

The engagements we undertake are done so discreetly and confidentially to provide the confidentiality expected from our clients. As a direct result, we offer a free consultation to prospective clients within key industries, enabling us to contextualise our expertise and provide an overview of the gains achievable within each department, together with a brief understanding of how these should best be delivered.

Specifications & Requirements Identification

If you're looking to create a new system, upgrade an existing one, or possibly integrate existing platforms together, the first step tends to be identifying the requirements. This is an excercise that is conducted from a business strategy perspective with the relevant departments - these may include IT, marketing and operations for instance. The key objective is to ensure that the system that is being specified will deliver the necessary benefits across the organisation, and not simply fulfil a limited set of criteria in isolation.

System Integration & System Consolidation

Mergers and acquisitions, management re-shuffles and time itself can lead to fragmented systems that duplicate data, require time consuming manual entry, and often lead to unnecessary errors. A companies' systems shouldn't stand in the way of its growth, diversification or ultimate success. Aeguana applies unique approaches to achieving a true cross-system synergy, re-utilising your existing infrastructure and applications where appropriate.

Cloud Computing & Infrastructure Planning

More than just a buzz word, cloud computing can solve significant challenges. However, it shouldn't be resorted to in every situation as the 'de-facto' solution for infrastructure challenges. Cloud computing is not necessarily the best solution at times, and the return on investment of creating an alternative solution can often quickly outweigh the investment in doing so. Aeguana's digital consultants can work closely with you to understand your current requirements, and how these may change in the future (evaluating a best and worse case scenario) and provide unbiased advice on the options available.

Application Testing & Deployment Management

Testing your digital products, or internal systems is an overlooked and extremely important element in running a secure, and reliable system. In a day and age where agile development (or extreme programming) is becoming commonplace, it's important to invest in testing, and ensuring a seamless and painless deployment process for your systems. This should seek to minimise issues during deployment, and should facilitate a roll-back where such issues were not identified.