What We Do
Research & Development

Aeguana's research & development services enable SME's to solve complex problems cost-effectively, without having to face a steep learning curve, or carry the risk themselves. It also enables more established organisations to leverage knowledge gained by Aeguana from working across a range of industry sectors, and the consequent carry-over benefits it brings.

Research & development isn't just about solving complex problems, and exploring the unknown. It's also about mitigating risk through careful planning and leveraging the best developments in science and technology.

Working together

At Aeguana, we embrace working with others. Through our network of carefully selected partners and suppliers, we have the necessary relationships to provide our clients with the comfort that they deserve, knowing their project is in safe hands. It enables us to deliver the level of innovation, quality, and attention to detail that our clients have come to expect from us.

Dedicated Project Managers

From the very first steps, clients work directly with their project manager who is responsible for managing third parties, mitigating risk, and ensuring the project runs on time and on budget. This shouldn't be any different to delivering an implementation or development engagement - all unknowns and risks are identified upfront and carefully managed, maintaining full transparency with our client, throughout the process.