#Social Twitter Vending Machines

Are you thinking about creating a viral social media campaign involving vending machines? Using a Twitter Vending Machine can be a fantastic way of engaging consumers, and generating real social buzz. Think of your craziest ideas, then use our machines and experts to make your brand experience come to life.

Define your campaign

"We want consumers to tweet pictures of random fruit, and receive a free smoothie"

Would be one great campaign idea. But we're sure you can come up with something even better!

Refine your idea

"Each tweet must contain the answer to a fun fact about fruit, to qualify!"

Sounds like fun! Let our experts figure out how it will work, to deliver an amazing experience.

Capture & measure

"Let's enter each participant in a prize draw - so we can re-market them later ;)"

Every campaign should capture details and deliver measurable engagement metrics.

Send us a Tweet!

Tweet us at @aeguana with the hashtag #SocialVending for a chance to get some free awesomeness!

Our technology provides instant feedback, enabling amazing interactions to take place.

You can quite literally think outside the box on anything you could possibly want your vending machine to do - we'll find a way, guaranteed.

Different types of Vending Machines

Looking for a different type of vending machine? That's ok. We have extensive experience integrating with a range of machines, both using standard protocols (such as MDB) and bespoke integrations. If you're looking for something small and compact, we have our Digital Vend. For larger snack machines we can work with different models. Just let us know what you need to vend, and how, and we'll make it happen!

Social Media Vending Machine Ideas

The possibilities really are endless. Dispense free samples, products, brand products in exchange for a tweet... run quizzes and puzzles and reward correct answers... restrict access to certain users... interact with your phone or tablet. Whatever your idea for a social media vending machine (or more specifically perhaps a Twitter vending machine), we'll make your ideas come alive.

Like what you see? Challenge us!