Touchless checkout from start to finish
No app needed. No buttons. Just your phone (and you of course).
Step 1

With our 'touchless' technology, each of our machines can offer customers a touch-free checkout.

Customers simply point their phone camera to the screen and are instantly directed to a website through which they can control the machine in real time - select products, view information, and checkout.

Our approach and technology is unique, not requiring any apps to be installed.

Step 2

Customers can view all products, explore detailed product information such as allergens, and even add them to their basket on their phone.

They can benefit from vouchers/coupons, promotional offers and any other features they would ordinarily be eligible to use.

Once ready, they simply proceed to payment through their mobile, as they normally would on the machine.

Step 3

Payment can either be made via contactless card on the machine instantly, or through the website using Apple Pay / Google Wallet directly through the phone.

This eliminates the need to touch any part of the machine. Communication between the mobile phone and the machine is virtually instant, ensuring a fluid, seamless checkout process.

100% Cashless Payments. No ifs. No buts.

The time for cashless to shine is truly here. With an increased cashless limit of £45 in the UK and €100 in parts of Europe, there is no reason to continue accepting cash.

With our end-to-end touchless checkout, consumers can use their phones to make selections and simply need to hold their card near the reader to make a payment - even entering a PIN is a thing of the past.

Anti-microbial Touch Screens & Metalwork Surfaces

By using an anti-microbial touch screen surface, our displays can provide 24/7 antimicrobial / antibacterial protection for your customers.

Our screen protection can be retrofitted to existing machines, and is durable enough to last for the life of each of our vending machines. Simple. Clean. Effective.

The exterior surfaces of each machine can optionally have the same treatment applied, providing a complete unit with fully anti-microbial surfaces

Automated product retrieval flap

With an automated delivery flap on most of Aeguana's Digital Vending Machine range, customers don't need to 'touch' the delivery area to collect their items

Our flap can automatically open when products are ready to be collected, and close once products have been successfully retrieved. Combining this with the “Touch Free product selections” makes this a completely touch-less interaction.

UV-C Sterilisation of Product Dispense Area

The delivery chute is the only remaining point where customers may come in contact with a surface. To solve this, Aeguana has developed a UV-C sterilisation module which interfaces with each machine.

When a vend is complete and the chute is closed, it sterilises the area with constant exposure for several minutes, ensuring any bacteria is destroyed, and achieving the highest hygiene standards possible.

Integrated Point of Sale Hand Sanitiser

Irrespective of whether a customer had direct contact with the machine during the purchase, they want the certainty that their hands are fully disinfected prior to consuming or using the product they just purchased.

As an optional module, automatic hand sanitiser dispensers can be adapted to any of our machines to provide this comfort.

Available across our range of Digital Vending Machines

Our touchless technology is available across our range. Contact us for more details.

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