Beautifully crafted design, that extends to every, single, detail

The most bespoke vending display on the planet

Interacting with your customer is an experience in itself, and we understand this. Our systems enable us to provide a completely bespoke interface and user experience. Whether you want to show products, engage users through social media, run seasonal campaigns (or anything else you can think of), we’ll make it happen.

Our displays are designed to be modular - this can facilitate showing advertising, filtering down and selecting a product, or creating a shopping basket of multiple items.

Example of aeguana digital vend bespoke screen configuration

Bespoke colours, to suit every environment

Aeguana's machine comes with an extremely high quality digitally printed finish, protected by a high-impact acrylic sheet (optionally toughened glass). This guarantees that not only does your machine look great, but it will keep it's appearance for years to come.

Try out some of our options:
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  • Color Picker Blue Option
  • Color Picker Green Option
  • Color Picker Orange Option
  • Color Picker Purple Option
  • Color Picker Red Option
  • Color Picker White Option
  • Color Picker Yellow Option
  • Color Picker Custom Option
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The future of vending has arrived - Vending machines that talk to you. And to each other.

Reduce Operating Costs

Receive real-time information from machines in the field, including product sales, out-of-stock notifications, and any errors or issues. Guaranteed to dramatically reduce your call-out rate, and increase your customer satisfaction.

User Engagement

As the machine is always connected, users can interact with it in other ways. Users can tweet the machine, for example, to receive a discount, or use innovative technologies such as facial recognition or emotion detection. Alternative payment methods can be implemented, such as an SMS gateway or even a web portal, providing the ability for subscription purchases, age verification and more.
3D view of 7 segment displays for remote price updating on vending machines

Run A/B Split Tests On Demand

Our machines provide the unique ability to update prices remotely, on the go. This enables vending operators to experiment with different price points, even out sales rates across products, and clear stock as required. The net result is a significant decrease in operating costs, as operators can seek to extract the maximum profit from each site visit.


Increase genuine engagement with your consumers.
A unique marketing proposition for brand owners & advertisers

When it comes to advertising, size matters.

We’ve made our display on the DigitalVend (Touch) intelligent vending machine as large as we possibly could. This enables it to not only drive interactions through bespoke interfaces, but also to serve as a fantastic advertising platform.

Your ad space, your revenue... (no catch).

With Aeguana’s machines, you own the full rights to your displays. They are entirely yours. 100%. You can promote your own products, or sell the space. We’ll help you do this as efficiently as possible.

Sell More. Profit More.

We provide you with the ability to vend the widest range of products, with the highest possible capacity. All in a neatly designed machine.



Based on ‘Like for Like’ trials with key operators in the UK as a direct result of driving more engagement, better promoting products and inspiring consumer confidence.

Coins belong in the past

Pay with contactless, chip or swipe cards, with complete transaction anonymity and security.

The most cost effective cashless choice

We've worked hard to partner with a Payment Service Provider (PSP) and acquiring bank that understands operator's needs, and can provide transaction pricing that makes sense.

Flex your price to suit your products

By accepting contactless payments, we enable the sale of higher value items which would otherwise not be feasible with cash alone. Marginal price increases are also facilitated, as operators can deviate from common cash denominations
Please Present Card
Simple, cost-effective payments
Chip (no Pin!)
The most common card payments, this side of the atlantic.
Magnetic Stripe
Ensuring anyone can now pay with card.

The world's first Bitcoin Vending Machine

Pushing the boundaries in alternative payments, we have developed our machine to support Bitcoin, and in the future other crypto currencies, providing transaction times of under 10 seconds!


Pick up your phone

If you know what Bitcoins are, chances are you have a ‘mobile wallet’. At this point, your spending is only a click away.

Scan the QR Code

Once the app is open, simply point it at the QR code, and tap. The app will immediately pick up the wallet address for that machine.

Voila! Credit to spend.

Within seconds, the credit will appear on the screen. Simple, secure and incredibly convenient.
Product Sizes flexibility for vending machine

Adjustable to any product size

Our machines provide the ability to sell up to 8 distinct product lines, each with equal capacity and adjustability.

With a unique patented vend mechanism, it can accomodate a greater diversity of products at a greater capacity, without the worry of products jamming or mis-vending. It's designed with adjustability in mind.


Completely modular, enabling components to be rapidly repaired on site and ensuring a good upkeep
exploded view of vending machine with detachable panel

Designed specifically for Operators

Designed in collaboration with leading UK vending operators, our vending machine is completely modular, enabling components to be rapidly repaired on site, even in the face of vandalism. The machine hinges open for easy stocking, and prices in addition to stock levels, can be updated on site or remotely.

VendLive - control everything, anywhere

Our bespoke and highly-customisable VendLive platform enables full visibility and control of vending machines everywhere.


Dimensions, weights, and technical details of the inner workings of the Digital Vend
Size & Weight (machine only)
1000 (height) x 445 (width) x 280 mm (depth)
Weight (machine only):
38 kg (depending on configuration)
Size & Weight (machine & stand)
1745 (height) x 667 (width) x 681 mm (depth)
Weight (machine & stand):
118 kg (depending on configuration)
Unique Products:
up to 8 (depending on product sizes/configuration)
Column Height:
up to 330 mm (depending on product sizes/configuration)

Fixed or 3-Axis, Discrete Interval Adjustment
No Specialist Tools Required
Quick Re-Stock Capability

Max Product Dimensions:

Width: 210 mm
Depth: 130 mm
Height: 107 mm

Digital Display
Main Display:

24" (diagonal)
16:9 Aspect Ratio
1920 x 1080 (full HD) Pixels

Audio (optional)
2 x 5 Watt Speakers

Stereo Sound
Remotely Adjustable Volume

Software & Connectivity
Ethernet, WiFi and 3G available as standard
Audit Data:

Remotely available sales audit through VendLive

Remote Notifications:
Low Stock Alerts
Product Sale Alerts
Error Messages and many more...
Remote Actions:
Product Vend
Price Configuration
Software/Firmware Updates
Advert Managementand many more...
Social Vending (optional):
Twitter Social Vend, Facebook, Instagram, SMS Enabled (see our case studies)
Payment Methods
EMV Compliant
Contactless Only or 3-in-1
Supported Currencies:
GBP, EUR, USD (more available on demand)
Supported Payments:
Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, ApplePay, AndroidPay
Lock Mechanism:
2x Opposing Anti-Drill Cam Lock
Lock Material:
Hardened Steel
Peak Power Consumption:
Power Source:
Mains 13amp socket or directly wired into a fuse spur
Standard C14 Input Connector
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